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About Leopets

Leopets is a private community that is dedicated to the nostalgia of pre-conversion Neopets. Many users enjoy character creation, role-playing, writing, drawing, designing and more. We do not make any profit and are not affiliated with Neopets in any form. The people who run it are not professional and they do not get paid. It is strictly a privately ran site that we enjoy which we open up to a limited number of new users to give the chance for other people to enjoy it too. As we are non-profit we have to restrict our user-base due to server space.

We are under construction
This means that many features are not yet working and you will encounter bugs and other problems. You can help us by suggesting features you'd like to see on our forums.


24 March 2019
If you have an org account, you will need to move your org account by the end of the March. We will be closing transfers. From April onward you will need to reapply.

Account Access

If you have a .net account, you can sign in as normal. If you have a .org account and you wish to use your .org account, do not sign into your .net account. You can transfer your .org account to .net by clicking this link.

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